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Moulton Niguel Water District

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NatureScape Turf-to-Native Garden Program Application

Please be prepared to provide the following information to complete your application for our Turf Replacement Program.  

  • Your water account information

  • 3-5 photos of the project area

  • Estimated square footage of your turf areas and total project area

  • A valid email address

To qualify for the program, all applicants must have attended a free Landscape Workshop Class with Moulton Niguel Water District. If you have not attended one, you can sign up for an upcoming class on our website at:

With this program, you can replace any landscaped areas, but your rebate is based on the turf grass that is removed. To better understand your total project costs and rebate, check out our Project Cost Calculator at:

NOTE: Applications received after June 1, 2020 will be processed and scheduled for the Pre-Qualification Assessment, but may not be installed until the peak summer heat has passed. This is to ensure garden success for our customers and will be decided on a case by case basis.  


Customer Information

Attended Landscape Workshop?

Full Name

Site Information


The NatureScape Program requires that you remove a minimum of 250 square feet of turf grass from your FRONT yard. However, grass removed from any area of your landscape will qualify for rebate funds.

You can transform a maximum of 3,000 square feet of your front, back, and side yards. Please indicate below which areas you are interested in the inspector evaluating. The additional areas selected are not a commitment at this stage. Your final decision on which landscape areas to transform will be made during the landscape assessment with the inspector.

I am interested in transforming my...


Landscape areas that are not turf grass do not qualify for rebate funds, but can be included in your NatureScape design. Many customers prefer a complete landscape transformation. Please indicate if you want to transform grass areas only or if you would additionally like to include planter beds and/or shrub areas as well.

I want to transform my...

Select current state of project area (Select all that apply.)

Select current irrigation controller for Front Yard

Additional current irrigation controller (if applicable)

Select current irrigation type (check all that apply)

Attach 3-5 photos of the turf grass that is to be removed. When uploading pictures from the file selector here, select all pictures to be uploaded at once OR choose "Upload More" to upload pictures one file at a time. Once you select "Upload" you won't be able to add additional photos without starting over.

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